Event Planning

Let Z Leo Events and the most experienced event planners bring your ideas to life and create an event distinctively for your business. 


Whatever you have in mind as general events, holidays, conferences, employee day, executive party, and more we will support you to produce events that meet your needs while also staying within budget with affordable services.



Deposit your confidence in Z Events to help you carry out in its entirety, the corporate event you need to execute within your agenda. We will work together with the corresponding Human Resources staff to develop the event according to the policies of your company.


Invitations & Stationery

Z Events will help you prepare the invitations, menus, signs, backdrops, stationary, among others.


Cake and Dessert Designs

Depending on the type of event, the cake and desserts will be an attractive and important detail during the event. At Z Events, we will take into account the quality of these designs, floral arrangements, tables and chairs decoration.



At Z Events, each guest of the event will receive a souvenir as a thank-you for attending the event.



In case the event requires rental service of equipment, accessories, loaders, chairs or tablecloths, Z Events will coordinate the best based on the budget and the concept of the event.



At Z Events, we have access to suppliers with entertainment equipment such as DJs, musicians, karaoke, clowns, dancers, hosts, lights, among others.

Day of the Event

From the beginning to the end of the event, Z Events will accompany Human Resources to make sure that everything is carried out according to the coordination plan together with the suppliers. We hope to be the best option for your corporate event providing the best corporate event services in Florida.

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Sparkling Wine At A Special Event